Featured Games

Formula 1 GP

F1 GP - Try our latest Formula 1 GP Flash Game, not all the tracks are there but hopefully more will be added over the season.

Brain Gym

Brain Gym - Play our Brain training game, Matica Brain Gym. This game is being continually updated so keep checking back.

2010 World Cup Penalty Shootout

Soccer Shootout - Support your Country and Team with our 2010 Football World Cup Penalty Shootout Game.

Super Bowling

Super Bowling - Get yourself down the alley - play on your own or with up to 4 mates ... 10-pin crunching action all the way! Using real-time physics, you can't get a more faithful sim.

Winter Pinball

Winter Pinball - Christmas Winter Pinball Brand New Game. Try out the first in our pinball series.

Soccer Pong

Soccer Pong - Play our great Flash footy game - based on arcade golden oldie 'Pong' but with a circular single player twist. It starts off pretty easy ... but wait until we (literally) start moving the goalposts!

Matica Air Race

Matica Air Race - Fly your Stunt Plane around London, through the desert, race other people in our Air Race Game.

Matica Stacks

Matica Stacks - Remember Jenga? Remember Buckaroo? This new flash game has aspects from both, with new levels on their way.

Sudoku Drops

Sudoku Drops - A twist on the Game of Sudoku, if the regular puzzles are too easy for you move onto the next level with Sudoku Drops.

Mini Foam Hands

Mini Foam Hands - Support your sports team by having your own mini foam hand.

Rugby World Cup

Rugby World Cup - Play our Rugby World Cup 2007 game. Select any team, and see if you can make it to the finals. You will get your hands dirty with Scrums, Trys, and Kicks.

Matica Karts

Matica Karts - Try your hand at the sport that started it all for Lewis Hamilton. Select a car and track and get Karting.

Save The Cat

Save The Cat - Help our Wheelchair bound old lady save her Cat. Fill up balloons to launch her up, up and away to rescue her cute Kitten.

Snowball Shootout

Snowball Shootout - Throw snowballs at the robber to keep him away from Santas Sack.


Spinball - Try out your skill and see if you get addicted to our Spinball game like our game testers did and see why it is our most popular game.

Matica Air Race Construction Kit

Make Your Own Game - Ever wanted to make your own Game? Think you could do a better job than the professionals? We do, here is your chance.


Sudoku - Try our new Su Doku game. It has all the features you expect, pencil marks the lot.


Darts - The World's greatest pub game - play on your own or with a friend, 301, 501, 1001 ... or the World's most difficult 'Round the Clock'!


Galaga - Space Invaders aliens marching in rows? No way! This rework of THE gaming classic has diving, swooping, mean spirited invaders from space! (Original copyright Hasbro Interactive)

World Cup Soccer

World Cup Soccer - A Flash update of our popular Java World Cup Soccer Penalty Shootout game. Can you use your timing to outwit the goalie and score a penalty? When you switch to goal keeper can you predict where the ball is going and make a save?


Nutz - Rescue your true love from the towering constructions of the terrifying Urban Gorilla. Jump barrels and flames, climb the platforms, and maybe you'll reach your girlfriend before time runs out. How high can you go?


Incoming - "... Missile Command, Earth is under attack ... activate your early-warning defence bases and destroy all incoming missiles! Do not fail ... you are our last hope!"


Hopit - Try to become "King of the Sandcastles" by squashing all the sandcastles on the pyramid before the baddies can get you! Fast and furious, so keep alert and don't stop jumping!


Bugbuster - No Centipede, spider or mushrooms ... just hundreds of 21st Century bugs for you to blast into oblivion! It's manic ... consider yourself warned.

Turtle Hurtle

Turtle Hurtle - Once it was all Frogger, in today's world getting your turtle home alive is no easy task! Hurtle across eight lanes of busy traffic, avoiding traps and picking up bonuses as you go. Save your turtle before the time runs out!


Barwars - Quench the rampant thirsts of aliens dry from eons of InterGalactic travel. The pace gets frantic as the Cantina (and your clientele) fill to bursting! Use those old, familiar 'Tapper' skills at the ready!

The Amazing Snail

The Amazing Snail - There's something a-mazing in the garden ... Gaz, our purple Gastropod hero! After all, PacMan is too easy, so try this seed chomping, bug stomping, multi-maze version for a truly gaz-tronomic challenge!

Formula Racing

Formula Racing - For those of us who loved spinning that Super Sprint wheel here's our top down racing alternative. Its high octane racing on stunning versions of real-life circuits! Compete against Today's Top 20 and beat the best of All-Time!

Soccer Shootout

Soccer Shootout - Another great soccer game! Whether your real-life team are contenders or not, with ShootOut it is up to you to guide your virtual teams to glory! Every kick counts in the monthly league standings, so shoot straight and true ... their fate is at your fingertips!

Block 4

Block 4 - Tetris is the game that made the GameBoy what it is today - this isn't it! It's our own bright and breezy block building brainteaser!


Mix - Rearrange these mixed up beautiful images - fastest time high scoring for all 5 mixes - just about the best pictorial puzzler on the Net!


Vectrox - Oh no! You've been hyperspaced into a psychedelic storm of Meteors and Asteroids! You can try to fight your way out ... but they just keep on comin' and comin!

Sam Spade

Sam Spade - Sam has got his Spade and is digging under a land of pirates and dragons, collecting gems and golden :)Smilie doubloons as he goes. Guide him to the treasure, avoiding ghosts of past conquests, and drop brutish boulders to crush your evil enemies!


Conkers - We nearly called this 'Bonkers'! Bouncing ball arcade action with subtle twists ... and rotations, sticky bats, bullets ... its not Breakout, its mesmerisingly better!


eChess - The 21st century way to play the classic Persian analogy for war. They trained their Generals - you can just have good, bloodless email fun!


Pool - An 8-ball open table for you to practise on or play '2 player in one browser'. It has lights, choice of spin, aiming help - everything you need! Give us a break!


Invaders - For those of you who remember the first game to become a global superstar - and for those of you who want to see where it all began!


Xeroids - Honestly, this is a little gem :) Created for Printware and published with their kind permission, this is a CRAZILY enhanced version of classic Invaders with pickups and swooping aliens!


Solitaire - .. NOT 'the only game in town' (we offered a prize and still nobody answered - The Carpenters, of course!) ... leave the last peg in the centre hole. Easy when you know how!

Six Nations Conversion

Six Nations Conversion - Post your scores on the cumulative league table of 6 Nations. Get that rugby ball between the posts! And keep trying for a perfect 5 out of 5 in unpredictable wind conditions.

Drop 4

Drop 4 - A game for 2 players on one browser, it's a simple but challenging task - get four of your counters in a row before your opponent does! Easy?!