Formula Racing

This is your chance to race against the best in the world. You can choose from six of the greatest Grand Prix tracks and six of the best cars in the racing game.

Pick an opponent from Today's Top 20 and go head to head. See if you can make it into Today's Best Times table, or beat the best and be top of the All-Time table - the pinnacle of Formula Racing achievement!"

Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to steer; UP or SPACE to accelerate, and the DOWN arrow or Z to brake. Press P to pause and unpause. While the game is paused, you can choose to restart the race, quit the race, or unpause and continue it. Press S to turn the sound effects on or off, press M to turn the music on or off.

Good luck -- and keep your foot to the floor!

Your computer does not recognise this Java game. To play you must install the Java system - please download this FREE from WWW.JAVA.COM and enable Java in your browser