Click within the applet, place the cueball on the table with a single mouse click.

The white line is the cue, so the cueball will move in the opposite direction to it. The length represents the power of the shot. The black line is the Aim-Help. It shows the direction that the shot will go in, and roughly how far it will roll. - press 'A' to toggle it on/off.

To set cueball spin: click on the big white ball (top left). Click toward the top, you get topspin; middle gives stun; and clicking at the bottom gives backspin. Set DEFAULT spin by double clicking (the current default spin is shown in red). To set the spin using the keyboard (quicker), use 'T' for Topspin, 'M' for middle (stun), and 'B' for Backspin. Set the default spin by pressing Control + spin key

Press 'H' to toggle hovering window
You can reset the frame at any time by pressing 'R'.
Press 'S' to toggle the sound on/off

Your computer does not recognise this Java game. To play you must install the Java system - please download this FREE from WWW.JAVA.COM and enable Java in your browser