Turtle Hurtle

Using the cursor keys, carefully move your turtle cross the busy lanes of traffic and into the five homes at the top of the screen before the clock runs out of time. Get bonus points by picking up the golden baby turtle on the way, or by jumping onto the spinning coin that sometimes appears in the turtle homes.

Be careful not to jump on the coiled rattlesnake - he will kill you. On later levels, watch out for sinking logs and lilies - if you are on them when they are underwater, you will lose a life. And beware of the spinning sharks - if you're on them when they turn, you will be thrown off!

Press S to turn the sound effects on or off

Press M to turn the music on or off

Your computer does not recognise this Java game. To play you must install the Java system - please download this FREE from WWW.JAVA.COM and enable Java in your browser