Super Bowling

Click within the applet, choose number of players. When it is your turn, watch the blue arrow as it rotates: this shows the direction of the ball. When you have chosen the ball's basic direction, click AND HOLD the left mouse button.

You now have chance to put spin on the ball - just move the mouse left or right while holding the button down and you will see the "spin gauge" change at the bottom of the alley. This gauge shows how much spin the ball will have. When you are happy with the amount of spin, release the mouse button, and the ball will start down the alley.

You can switch the lane bumpers on by pressing the 'B' key (press the 'B' key again to switch them off).

See if you can make it into today's top ten high scores table! Press P to pause and unpause the game Press S to turn the sound effects on or off Press M to turn the music on or off

Your computer does not recognise this Java game. To play you must install the Java system - please download this FREE from WWW.JAVA.COM and enable Java in your browser