Soccer Shootout

First, select your team from one of 32 top English clubs. The penalty shootout competition is initially "best of five" - if it goes beyond that then it's sudden death! Your team will take turns initially to kick, and then to be the goalkeeper.

When it's your go to kick: take a note of the wind, and select the amount of swerve you want to put on the ball by clicking on the appropriate part of the swerve arrow at the bottom of the screen. Then click on the spot you want to aim at (remembering the swerve and the wind), and your striker will shoot! When it's your go to save: take a note of the wind and try to guess where the striker is aiming. Click at the spot where you want your goalkeeper to move toward, and then hope you guessed right!

At all times, keep reading the "ticker" box toward the top of the game - this will keep you informed of the current state of play and give you instructions about what to do. Try your best to keep your nerve as the tension mounts!

Press S to turn the sound effects on or off. Press M to turn the music on or off.

Your computer does not recognise this Java game. To play you must install the Java system - please download this FREE from WWW.JAVA.COM and enable Java in your browser